Vis(ion)ual Displays

One of six displays installed at the Hickory Metro Convention Center by Jackson Creative.

So we have all seen them, tv screens aimlessly running cable news in common places such as waiting rooms and hallways at your workplace. The folks who are watching these screens have no control over what they are watching, and more times than not, just tune it out.  Or, it could just so happen to be that what’s coming over the tv screen isn’t exactly your cup of tea… or in the worse case scenario (which happened to the author of this blog this week) you are in a waiting area and the tv is tuned to something borderline offensive (we’ll let your mind wander there).

Here’s what we have mind to conquer / remedy / solve this daily dilemma.  Jackson Creative / The MESH are partnering with City of Hickory and Catawba County to launch an outside advertisement free, community oriented, visual display screen system. Our visual display screen system will allow viewers to watch original content generated directly from these municipalities on events, happenings, people of interest, etc. The folks that will incorporate these screens will also be able to customize and add their own content. 

Good news with this… 1) Find out what’s going on in your community while you wait!  2)  No more cable news in waiting rooms! 

We’re just over here trying to make your day better. 

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