The Guy Behind the Guy

We asked Moose, our MESH Network manager, to tell us about one of his creative inspirations… here’s what he had to say. 

Bob Weir. The cute one. The guy behind the guy. Bobby as many call him, is the unassuming band leader of Dead & Co. Using the Grateful Dead catalog (and John Mayer) he is inspiring an entire new generation of fans…. 

My first concert was the Grateful Dead in March 1995 and my reaction to Bobby and the band was immediate affection. As a bright eyed 14 year old, I got it. His style of guitar playing and singing has inspired me both musically and creatively my entire life. As a somewhat professional musician and de facto band leader I have taken inspiration from Bobby as he is able to meld and adapt to each new musical situation he finds himself in. I’ve learned and drawn inspiration from him on the importance of adaptation, the need grow musically and how to thrive in every situation you find yourself in. 

Bobby is affectively a living deity to a music scene that so many of us adore. When he needed to, he took the torch and ran with it, and gave his adoring fans music that they’ve set their lives to.