To Post or Not to Post

Jackson Creative has been doing social media management for a while.  We’ve learned quite a bit – and since social media is constantly changing, we learn a little more every day.  But, a few things remain constant.  One being what not to post.

I have given several presentations over the years to groups about how to grow, change, and manage your social media – both personally and professionally. These sessions have taught me a lot too, especially when it comes to my own personal posts.  I thought I’d share a few bullet points here with the hopes that it makes you think a little before posting.  I know, some of these may seem obvious, but I’m always surprised at how many people forget!  *Note: parents, this is a great thing to pass along to your children… and keep in mind for yourself.*

1) Travel plans.  We all love vacation pics and stories.  But, please don’t post your travel plans in advance and if you can help it, wait to post your pics until after you return!  This eliminates the idea that bad people can come to your empty house and make themselves at home.  Nothing says “rob my house” like a post saying “I’ll be gone for a week!”

2) Your address.  Not only do you not want people knowing where you live when you aren’t home, but who needs stalkers on a regular basis?  Not me.  Blur out your street name and number in photos, don’t “tag your location” when sitting in your living room, and please – for the love of all things good – don’t include a map.  

3) Profanity / Illegal activity.  People of all ages are using social media these days.  While not everyone should be on there, it happens.  So, if you don’t want your best friends kid, your boss, your grandma, your pastor… whoever… to see you in your skivvies, don’t post it.  Keep in mind, it is totally legal for businesses, colleges, and others to research your profile before hiring you or admitting you to their school.  Please don’t be the person that can’t get into the school of their dreams because they had too many drinks on the boat with their friends and decided to have a photo shoot.  There are plenty of cases (look it up!) of illegal acts that have been committed and shared on social media — and resulted in arrests!  Arrests, people!  

4) Pictures without permission.  This is important.  If someone is in a photo of yours and you don’t have their permission to post it – don’t.  That simple.

5) Bank info.  Sounds like something we should know right?  But, all too often we see someone say, “I got my first credit card today!” or “look at this cute outfit I ordered online” with a screenshot showing their personal info.  If you must do this – take the time to blur out the info.  

I think we all love social media in some form or another.  It’s pictures, updates, a great way to share with loved ones near and far.  If we take the time to do it right, the purpose and experience is more beneficial for everyone!  So, upload those cat videos!  Show Johnny smashing his first birthday cake!  Send a birthday wish to an old high school friend!  Tell us all about your favorite restaurant!  But… please think before you post!  If you want to know more… leave me a comment and I’m sure we can help.

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