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Frye FAQs

Q: I’ve got an iPhone.  Can’t I shoot my own video? A: Today’s smartphones can shoot some great content.  Here’s the caveat.  The tools are only as good as the hands that wield them.  […]

My Favorite Film: Breaking Down the Creative Elements

As someone with a reputation for being a “movie buff” (probably thanks to my involvement with the Footcandle Film Society and the annual Footcandle Film Festival, being a member of the North Carolina Film […]

To All My Girls Out There

Once upon a time there was a college student who loved being behind the scenes. Filming, editing, directing, creating. They felt they had “an eye” for these types of things. This person was excited […]

My Dream Collaboration

(a.k.a. how I help make my daughter’s wish come true) My daughter’s a high school senior and has her heart set on pursuing a career in musical theater.  It has come to my attention […]

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

When I was in elementary school I loved to work the film projector.  It was one of those dinosaur machines that require someone to manually advance the filmstrip frame by frame when a loud […]