Display Systems

Dynamic communications and marketing presented on interactive video displays.

Display Systems

Ask any great organization what the keys to success are, and the word “communication” will always be found in their answer. Communication with staff. Communication with customers. Communication with visitors. Although it would be great to think that all information could be shared with face-to-face interactions, we know that is not always possible. Sometimes we have to rely on technology to help spread the word. Imagine using a wide variety of display screens and kiosks to communicate consistent and visually pleasing messages and information on a “round-the-clock” basis.

Jackson Creative, a video/film/multimedia production firm out of Hickory, North Carolina, can develop a visual communication display system that meets your organization’s dynamic needs. Content can be created that combines text, images, video and interaction to display a full multimedia experience.
And we’re not talking about just “static” content; the messages on this system can be updated by members of your organization on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis. Updates can be made through a custom web site, so content changes can be made from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Jackson Creative can handle all aspects of the design of the system, from planning screen and kiosk locations, arranging for the acquisition and installation of equipment, designing content and maintaining updates to the web site. JGI can even take some pre-existing commercials, print ads, etc. and format them for the display.

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