The new radio. Our podcasting network, The MESH, hosts many different types of podcast series that have listenership across the world. Some educational and some purely entertainment, our shows are just another great way of spreading ideas.


First off, if you’re asking yourself, “What is a podcast, and why should I care?” Well, we’ve got some answers for you.

Imagine a radio program, that you don’t ever have to accidentally miss again. You can listen to it anytime you want, and episodes are sent to you automatically, over the web, as soon as they are released. The ultimate in convenience and flexibility when it comes to information sharing and entertainment.

So where does Jackson Creative fit in? Partnering with our podcasting network, The MESH, we produce audio and video podcast series for our clients and their organizations and help promote it online through Apple iTunes or other podcast sites. We help in developing a concept, writing the episodes, recording the audio or video footage, to editing into a podcast-friendly format. Then, we submit it to the proper outlets to make sure anyone in the world can access your program and “subscribe” to receive future episodes automatically.

There are many ways to use a podcast. Contact us if you’d like to learn more, and check out our blog post on podcasts. Also, we have stickers…