Discussions on Race in Our Community

The United Arts Council of Catawba County continues to stand against systemic racism and injustice.   We strongly believe that Black Lives Matter.

We have seen many statements in the past week and they have motivated us to do something concrete as we all strive for a better community and world.

To provide a platform for understanding each other better, we have teamed with Jackson Creative to provide a place to share stories or instances of how race and art have intersected in your life.

We welcome all stories, including those that highlight both the negative and the positive.  From the negative, we will strive to better understanding another person’s pain. From the positive, we hope to be encouraged by hearing the various ways that cultural experiences including music, theatre, visual arts, history, or literature have created a better world, if only for a moment.  These stories may be something you have directly experienced, something you witnessed, or perhaps a story about your journey as an Artist of Color, however people of all colors are invited to participate.  Please be honest, but also be kind, for the world needs more of both right now.  We vow to listen and learn.

We are committed to promoting meaningful dialog, increased understanding, and positive change. We strengthen our resolve to support opportunities for Artists of Color to create, and for People of Color to participate fully in our shared cultural life.

Using the hashtag #artscatawba on Twitter or Instagram, post your words, a photograph, a meme, a video, or some other expression of your experience you want to share.  Your story will appear on the “listening wall” below. You can also post a photo, video, or story on the United Arts Council of Catawba County Facebook page with the hashtag #artscatawba to also have them featured on this wall.