Video: Bang for Your Buck on a Small Marketing Budget

By Andrew Moose

As a business owner or head of an organization, the marketing budget is a line item that typically has to be stretched to its fullest. Advertising in magazines, billboards and the yellow pages are out of date and yet still have continuously rising costs. The new age of digital advertising has risen. But don’t people still read magazines? Don’t people still go to the yellow pages? Well, actually no (okay, some people do; I’m trying to sell you on a video idea so buckle up).

Using social media marketing is the most cost effective way to spread your message throughout the inter webs and reach the most folks for nearly nothing. Now what should you do with the extra money left over from your marketing budget now that you aren’t wasting money on magazines, billboards and the yellow pages? And how should you supplement your social media platform?  It’s video!

Using videos in your marketing platform is the best way to produce longevity and stretch that small marketing budget. For the cost of a magazine ad that runs for a month, or prominently displaying your business or organization in the yellow pages, your business could have a creative video production that would be a centerpiece for your organization’s marketing platform. Embedding your newly created video on your website, posting the video on social media pages, not only will enhance your search engine optimization (Google and YouTube love video) it will give the viewer an inside look at you and your business that a print ad could ever accomplish.

Isn’t it time to start thinking socially and budgeting wisely?  Let us know when you’re ready to start the conversation!

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