Story Tellers.

By Mary-Margaret Baker

I know what you’re thinking… JGI is so incredible at video work, how could they have time for anything else? First off, thank you! Second, we are multitasking geniuses over here!

JGI has been involved in numerous campaigns and long-standing relationships that involve a lot more than just videos! Campaigns, when done correctly, are typically best utilized to do one of two things: raise money or raise awareness. For some of our current campaign clients, we offer a number of services. While we can do the press releases, website and social media, we also can do in-house design work, arrange printing, and incorporate our videos into their campaign plan!

We see a lot of clients start with one area they need to focus on – let’s say its social media – that grows into a custom plan they build over time. We can take on their social media content and distribution, easing the worry of time spent by one of their employees. Plus we can help keep the flow of content consistent and up to date. Come on… no one likes to see an out of date Facebook page! It may surprise you, but with a little extra attention to your social media, a lot can happen – building up traffic and attention, driving viewers to your website, and ultimately to your cause or organization. Then on your website, you have a video. This puts you further up the search chain! Search engines love videos! Videos can produce photos that go on your printing and get distributed back to your location… where people are checking in on Facebook! It’s like the multimedia circle of life.

There are so many options out there. Too many to name. JGI has created a full service solution for those in need of “telling their story”. We aren’t an ad agency. We’re story-tellers. We give you the tools to get your name out there.

So. How are you telling YOUR story?

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