Social Media Management Services Provided by JGI

Jackson Group Interactive is proud to announce its Social Media Management service, designed to help organization both establish a social media presence as well as manage its content and network on a monthly basis. The service is designed to relieve the burden of having to manage social media networks from those organizations that do not have the staff, resources or time to devote to it regularly.

The service is structured in two phases: 1) JGI can establish your social media presence on various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) if your organization does not already have one, then 2) JGI can manage the content and network growth of your social media networks each month. Your organization would develop its own content (press releases, photos, blog posts, announcements, etc.) and send to JGI through email, and we would take the information and funnel it through to your social media networks.

Please visit the Social Media Management services page for more information, or click the “Contact Us” link to speak with someone at JGI about this service.

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