Blog: Fresh Ideas & Rotten Tomatoes

If you’ve been anywhere near a movie theater in recent years you’re all too aware of the fact that we’re living in an age of sequels and reboots.  It’s no surprise that if a film makes halfway decent money those responsible will immediately start planning a follow up (often before the movie even leaves the big screen).

With that being said is it possible to still find original fresh ideas?  I would say yes but sometimes not without a cost.  Take for instance the recent film Blade Runner 2049.  Wait…you say…that’s a sequel.  Yes – that’s true.  The original came out over thirty years ago in 1984.  It set a standard for science fiction visuals and effects. Many film enthusiasts herald it today as a masterpiece.  YET when it was released in 1984 it was panned by critics and audiences didn’t give it many of their dollars at the box office.

Now let’s return to Blade Runner 2049 which opened in theaters on Oct 9th, 2017.  An interesting comparison arrises. It cost millions to make, critics love it which results in a high Rotten Tomatoes rating…but audiences weren’t keen on handing over their cash to see it.  The film, I would offer, is actually an improvement over the original.  I’ll cite better acting, superior plot and once-again ground breaking effects and cinematography as my reasoning.  Instead of making a by-the-numbers sequel director Denis Villeneuve made an original piece of art that works as a standalone film or as a companion to the original movie.  I imagine this will once again set the standard for future sci-fi projects and possibly finally earn the often nominated but never awarded cinematographer Roger Deakins his first Oscar.

What does all of this mean?  Sometimes it might take the public awhile to catch up with your creative output but don’t fear.  If you love your work, that’s gratification enough…and there’s always the hope that someone will pay you for a sequel eventually.

Intern Blog: Goodbye. For Now.

Is this the end? I don’t know. Perhaps it is the start of a new chapter of figuring out who I am all over again. Great. If you haven’t already noticed, today is my last official day as an intern with Jackson Creative. I say, “official” because I have a few little things to finish at home, but coming into the office on top of final exams would be impossible.

I’m not so afraid of the fact that the year has flown by, but rather that it seems it hasn’t quite hit me yet. Now, I slowly prepare myself to take another giant leap into the adult world. Jackson Creative has allowed me to work with such a wide range of multimedia that I feel surely confident that this is what I want to continue to do. The job market, however, is one step forward and two steps back. I fell oblivious to the fact that I had applied for several “sham” jobs that weren’t at all like the exaggerated front the job ad described. I don’t really care to hop into a fast food job really. However, my eye remains open in the realm of video production and creative marketing.

I am blessed for all JC has taught me. I’ll admit the several days I walked in so clueless on what to do that it seemed I had almost forgotten how to walk. That is part of the learning process I assume. I feel more confident in the field now, as well as editing. I have a strict knack for attention to detail and a sharp eye for getting a great shot. It’s surely come in handy with my college journalism classes.

Well I do hope this isn’t goodbye, really. Whether someday down the road JC is looking for another member of the team, or perhaps I’ll somehow get my name out there again with more content and creativity, only expanding to everything I have learned so far.

Intern Blog 11: Final Countdown

Well, I really don’t know what to say. Monday starts my last week as an intern with Jackson Creative. It’s hard to believe that almost 5 months have already gone by. The client video draft was sent off on Wednesday for review which means I’m no longer in rage in spending a large portion of time searching for the almost perfect song. I think we finally got it his time, and I’m proud of that.

I mentioned to a friend earlier on how rewarding it was to cross something off of your to do list. Yet, as rewarding as it may be, this short lived victory only lasts so long. My daily planner has come to my aide time and time again – so as long as I remember to use it – and as one thing is crossed off, another thing is added. There are so many things a soon to graduate senior has to do that my daily block of writing space has spewed over into the next day(s) which is throwing my OCD for a loop. That, on top of applying for a number of jobs, is a bit of luggage to carry on my back.

In school, I’m preparing for a SOURCE presentation that will present on the importance of podcasting in relations to an expanding multimedia world. I am a firm believer that utilizing multimedia to engage customer relations and boost interactions is a key marketing strategy for companies, especially building companies. As media is rapidly changing, as is the way we think. Now we have the opportunity to jump ahead and shape that by utilizing media across a variety of platforms.

As most of you know, I have been producing my own podcast show with a good friend of mine. It’s called ChattermouthTV if you wanted to check it out. Audio is something new for me, so I am pretty proud of how much I have learned.

Now, back to work. The team is working on a behind the scenes video of The MESH, so stay tuned.

Until next time,

– David

Intern Blog 10: Slow Down!

Late April is the absolute worst for students. Were getting closer and closer to the end of another school year and seniors, like myself, are anticipating commencement to take our diploma and pray we get a better job than the ones we worked in high school. There’s a quick summary of what the last few weeks have been like.

Regarding Jackson Creative, I cant’ believe I’ve already been here almost 5 months. I especially can’t believe that this internship s drawing closer and closer to the end. That, on top of projects, on top of applying to every job under the sun I’m remotely interested in and then sorting through whats real and what’s a scam has resulted in weight piling up on my shoulders. Ahhhhh… stress. Easter break will hopefully come in handy with catching up on projects and getting back on track with a full grasp of things. That is… if I can motivate myself… not that I’m worried.

The client video is going great so far. Finally found a song that fits with the story we are trying to tell and the team and I are finalizing some shots prior to adding graphics. Monday’s meeting was full of fun, creative ideas which inspired many more. It’s going to be a fun learning process trying some of them out to add to our video. Stay tuned, because it won’t be long until the video is out for all to see.

Oh yeah! A behind the scenes video about our podcast, The MESH, isn’t too far away either.

Take care and happy Easter,

– David

Intern Blog 9: The Perfect(ish) Song

Well I had absolutely no idea that so much planning went into finding the right music track for your video. I thought I had found the perfect one.

The team loved it – it felt upbeat and adventurous. I spent the week editing the video to the music and making some final touches before submitting it to the next step of adding text and graphics to the video. If you didn’t already know, enough work goes into perfecting video transitions as it is, and editing video to match the audio behind it can come down to the difference of a half second. Trust me – much more work goes into video production that you’d think.

Sadly, When we put the music to match the video, things were a little slow. The tempo didn’t quite match the message we were trying to send to our viewer. One step forward… now two steps back. I’ll admit it was a little frustrating but that’s just part of the job. I stayed a little later than usual (I am a tutor at my college and typically work 6pm to 8pm) – and the team and I tried to find the right song. We are getting warmer, but not quite there yet.

I wish it was as easy as picking out the next hot Black Eyed Peas song to go along with a flash video (middle school was an awkward time…) But that would be a bit much.

Anyway… It’s Friday and I’m going to get back to work so I can Netflix and chill … all by myself this weekend.

Stay Classy,

– David

Intern Blog 8: So Little Time?

Hello again,

I think the general consensus has been reached that this week alone has felt like three weeks crammed into one. Perhaps half of it is the sudden burst of hot air that decided to come after second winter. Or maybe the fresh coat of yellow paint I didn’t ask for on my car. Or who knows… maybe it’s a migraine caused from an awful combination of the two. Alright… enough complaining. I for one, am glad it is Friday and I hope you all are, too. Typically, I don’t have the weekends off but I was lucky enough to get this weekend to myself. However, I will be gathering some more video footage in that spare time. And golfing … It finally nice enough to get back to that.

A point was made recently that semester long internships often don’t end up producing much results (challenge accepted). I can’t disagree – but I don’t fully agree, either. Let me expand on that. Nobody is saying internships are bad – but sometimes having maybe 5 months max to learn the language of that company of get the jive of things can take around a year to fully gain the confidence the company is looking for. More often than not, by the time we get the hang of things it’s about time for the internship to come to an end. Interns are here to learn. I’ve voiced that struggle of learning the do’s and do not’s a few times in my previous blogs.

On Wednesday, the team got together to review the footage we had stringed together so far. The music had been picked out, the video has been roughly strung together, and final cuts and polishes were on the discussion board. We reused a good bit of footage and also incorporated a good bit of new footage that we went out and gathered. It felt pretty cool to see work come together. I’m really eager to see how this all turns out. Of course, editing to music will really help me perfect the cuts between the video.

So back to that intern thing… I’ve been here a really short time but I’ve learned a lot. Before the internship, I wasn’t familiar with Final Cut pro much at all. Now, it is pretty much all I use for editing. Also, I’d never worked with audio production before, let alone ever made a podcast. I’ve fallen in love with all the creativity, so it’s a good thing that this is the line of work I want to have a career in. While I do wish that this was a year long internship – I am thankful for all I have learned so far.

In the meantime, check out our podcast network, The MESH, and stay tuned for any projects we put out. Exciting stuff!

Until next time,

  • David

Intern Blog 7: Trial and Error

Hello world,

It probably feels like a bit since you’ve last heard from me, as it should. Last week was spring break at The University and I took the week off to begin a rollercoaster ride of several job interviews. Since it’s been a weeks gap… this blog will be a bit longer than the usual.

Oh, I guess I should probably mention what interview I’m talking about. I won’t name the company but it was a pretty cool entry level marketing position where I’d work with technology and communications. There were several job interviews that I had, but this one spoke out to me the most.

I admit, it was a little scary lacing up my newly purchased dress shoes (I had none that were up to par) and recalling how to tie a necktie – I’d grown accustomed to sporting bowties among my fraternal friends. I headed down to Charleston, SC in mid day St. Patrick’s day traffic. For those of you who may not know, traffic in downtown Charleston is always bad — finding parking is even worse. Why this hiring manager chose to reschedule my interview to that Friday was beyond me. Of course by the time I finally found the place my nerves were already a wreck from the heavy traffic and the failed attempt at finding parking that wouldn’t cost me $15.

None the less, I was ready. I’ve fallen in love with the work I’ve done over the years and remembered how much fun I’ve had working with Jackson Creative so far; learning new things and working with medias I’ve never worked with before. Because of what I’ve learned, I’m eager to create, produce, and show my work to the world. The thrill of showing something I’ve created that grabs the audience’s attention and draws them in to further expansion – I find it incredible how multimedia communications can be so influential. Being on the creative side of this is exactly what I’ve come to want to do.

Sure. There are times where I have felt like my work isn’t good enough – some days the “creative train” doesn’t want to run and I’m sitting at a stand still on where to move next for my work. There are times where I’ve wanted to quit, times I have felt like I’ve got no idea what I’m doing… Yet I know that in the end it’s only motivation to continue and get better. It’s a learning process that I can only grow from.

The video’s I’m working on right now have been a lot like that. For instance, I tried getting a video of me flicking on the “On air” sign to illuminate was previously complete darkness. A neat idea in my head … didn’t exactly work out how I wanted.

It’s been a trial and error process for me as I’m learning new styles and learning how to continue the structure and branding that Jackson Creative has already built. There are times in the field where I felt lost… but then I remember Chris telling me to just play with camera…try different things. I’m working a little slower than I’d like to admit … but that comes with learning.

Sometimes it might be difficult, but I absolutely love it.

Until next time,


Intern Blog 6: Inspiration

*Cracks knuckles* alright, lets get started. Big things are in store. I’ve been traveling around the county lately gathering footage for the Hickory Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau. I’ve had a hard time finding ways to make historical monuments seem cool, but with a little help and direction I think I am getting a hang of things.

Lately, I’ve been on a creative kick regarding my “final project” for Jackson Creative. I’ve been planning a behind the scenes like video for the MESH. Toying around with some opening shots and trying a few fancy camera angles has resulted in some pretty cool shots, and some not so cool shots – both of which happen often for videographers. It is a constant learning process for me but I feel much more confident and comfortable than I did when I first got into this.

Speaking of the MESH, I’ve actually found the inspiration to start my own podcast with a few college friends of mine. We decided to call it ChattermouthTV and so far we have a total of three episodes, one of which has made it to iTunes. I’m extremely thankful that such an incredible internship has inspired me to expand my own work in my free time.

Right. Well. I’m going to go back to the drawing board and jot down some more ideas for this video. Friday starts our spring break, but I will try my best to keep everyone posted!

Until next time,


Intern Blog 5: Halfway There.

Midterms. Yes, I know that’s a scary word that haunts even the longest of college graduates almost as much as final exams do. This means that I’m almost to the midpoint of my internship. It’s hard to believe that it has already flown by to this point. I have learned so much, yet still have much more to learn. So here commences the late nights and constant caffeine intake to commit to excellent projects while making sure I pass all my exams. I am confident, but of course it can still be a bit overwhelming.

On a more work related note, I am more of an editor than a shooter. Meaning that I sometimes struggle when I’m on my own, gathering footage in the field. However, If I have a creative direction in mind and plenty of footage to shoot from – I can edit a video exactly how I want it. Shooting in the field is something that I am slowly but surely bettering my skills at. It is one of the many things that require lots of communication so the entire team is on the same page as to what style and feel we want our product to be. I can plan and collaborate and feel prepared – but nothing in the field ever goes to plan. Jumping off of the unexpected can make getting the shot you need much more difficult.

However, I’ve been traveling around the county gathering footage for a huge upcoming project that I am really exited about. Watching old projects that highlight our style of storytelling has really helped me get an idea of where to go with my own footage collecting.

Annoyingly, my external hard rive has decided that It only wants to work on some days. Luckily it’s under warranty – but its still set me back a bit.

Long story short, I’m an INFP personality type. Meaning that I am really good at feeling close relationships and have a great drive for an overall picture for a project. The downside to that is while my overall vision may be fantastic, the individual steps on how to get there might be a little fuzzy at times.

I’m blessed that this internship has provided constructive feedback to help me better see my strengths and weaknesses. This internship has not only been fun, challenging, and extremely creative, but it has also been quite a learning experience regarding myself and my future in the business world. I look forward to spending the remainder of my time here to learning more, and advancing my skills even further.

Intern Blog 4: The Great Podcast

By David Bradham Jr.

Turns out, I absolutely love podcasts. From the recordings, to the editing, to the final production, I enjoy it all. I see podcasting slowly becoming the new radio, if you will. Best explained as “the Netflix of radio”.

While my voice might not be on any of the shows, It’s still really awesome hearing the new shows come out and to realize that my editing contributed to a few of them. My college buddies all think I’m a kid on Christmas morning whenever the MESH releases a new episode. I pretty much annoy them to the point where they have no choice but to give it a listen. Talk about marketing am I right? (I’ll laugh at my own jokes for you).

It’s all been a blast and working with Jackson Creative has taught me so much in the wide world of custom communication. I know bigger and more challenging things are to come, but I feel adequately prepared from all that I have learned thus far.

In fact, working on the podcasts for The MESH has inspired me to make my own podcast. I’ll figure out more details about that soon – the idea of it really excites me.

Well its been a busy week here at JC and I’ve got lots of work to do.

Until next week,

– David