Music: For a “Reel” Kick in the Gut.

Did you know, when I was a little girl, I had a dream of being a meteorologist?  Not a “weather girl” on tv, but a “storm chaser”.  The kind that worked in a field – drove a beat up truck, but had the high tech equipment to track the most dangerous of storms. Then, I would saves lives by developing early warning systems.  Big dreams for a little girl… but thank goodness I could live vicariously through Helen Hunt in the movie Twister.  However – as much as I wanted “that life”, I mainly wanted to be IN that movie.

Twister is one of my first vivid memories of a film making me feel real emotion. Not just because of the chase scenes or cows flying through a tornado – but because of the music. I can still hear it. I had the soundtrack memorized.

Music plays such a huge part in not only film making, but in corporate video as well. One of my goals is to find music appropriate for a video – before we even shoot.  It doesn’t always work out that way, but it really can help the flow of the content, the mood of the piece, and of course – in editing.

Fun fact: Guillermo del Toro wrote the film The Shape of Water with the music from Punch Drunk Love in mind. Del Toro wrote an award winning film – because of someone else’s soundtrack. THAT is how magical music can be. Not to mention I am partial to that reference because Punch Drunk Love is one of my favorite Paul Thomas Anderson flicks.  A close second behind Boogie Nights. But, that’s another blog in itself.

I still get the creeps when I hear the theme of the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz and want to pump my fist when I hear Simple Minds “Don’t You (Forget About Me) from Breakfast Club. The Star Wars Theme gives me butterflies and the Glasgow Love Theme from Love Actually makes me tear up just thinking about it. How is something that is meant to be in the background so powerful?

What are your favorites? What inspires you? What it your soundtrack?  Do us a favor… next time you watch a video or view a film – take a second to step away from the footage and appreciate the music.

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