Intern Blog: Why I Hate Nintendo.

Now hold on, fingers off the keyboard, just follow me for a second. In an upcoming episode of Esports Teamcast I, with some special guests, talk about a new game that will rock the competitive scene when it releases.

While I am super excited for said game, I really hate Nintendo. To keep it short, here is my main three reasons why I have such negative feelings.

  1. The Death of Classics

Emulators occupy a grey area of law. If you are unfamiliar, an emulator is a software (sometimes hardware) that attempts to clone classic games. For example, Dolphin is an emulator that will run Gamecube Games on your PC. Are they legal? Hard to tell. To combat this many companies, including Sega, will release “HD Remasters”. So instead of having users track down a third-party emulation of Metal Gear: Peace Walker, the developers released an update version for newer consoles.

What does Nintendo do? Nothing. Every now and again they will bring 1 or 2 games back but most of the time the classics die with time. What’s worse is they actively seek out third-party emulators and have them removed. What’s essentially happening is classic games are becoming more and more rare as even digital archives are having a hard time keeping the games alive.

  1. YouTube

Some gamers, in aims to keep classics alive, while record them and release them to Youtube or other streaming websites. Nintendo sees this as a loss of revenue and will actively seek out a take of the ad payments the channel receives or will take down the videos.

  1. Pricing

If games release on PC, there’s a good chance for an amazing sale to hit. I’ve gotten games from developers that slashed prices from 29.99 to 9.99. The deals are absolutely phenomenal. However, Nintendo will keep a game at full price retail forever, rarely dropping a sale. Smash for WiiU is still pushing $100 if you want the game plus all downloadable content. This is a problem.

All in all, Nintendo has a home in all of our hearts. Mario wouldn’t exist without them, but at the same time they actively make it difficult to be a fan. Stay tuned for the upcoming episode all about the game they announced and keep on gaming.

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