Intern Blog: Why are Video Game Movies So Bad?

One day at Lenoir-Rhyne a friend who listens to the Esports Teamcast asked me about video game movies. She said I should do a podcast about it. I explained that the topic of video game movies is more of a Footcandle Films conversation.

However, it got me thinking, why are video game movies so bad? It seems so simple, the plot is already laid out and the set has been designed. Take the Assassin’s Creed movie. There had already been a slew of games released. All Hollywood had to do is take one of the games, split it into a trilogy if you can’t fit the entire plot into a feature length film and BOOM profit.

What did we get instead? A lengthy, boring movie that had more dialogue and set up than action. I feel like out of the two hours, maybe 30 minutes of it was actual assassins killing people.

The new Tomb Raider is close. I will go see it and I know it’ll probably be pretty terrible but I have hope that maybe this time we will get a half decent video game movie. Now Rampage is also a movie on the horizon but it will most certainly tank. It looks like terrible CGI action that’s been overdone in the transformer series.

If you are someone who is incredibly desperate for a video game movie to watch. This is my list of the movies that are not as bad as the others. In no particular order, the few video game movies I can sit through and somewhat enjoy:

  1. Mortal Kombat (1995)

  2. Doom (2005)

  3. Resident Evil (2003)

  4. Silent Hill (2006)

There is a fan made movie called Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy. I like it in an appreciative way. A bunch of fans got together and funded their own fan movie and released it for free? I can’t criticize it too much. The animated films and series’ I left out because they are nostalgic for me so my recommendations will be clouded by my experience as a child.

Hollywood, please give me your money so I can actually give the world a good video game movie!

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