Intern Blog 7: Trial and Error

Hello world,

It probably feels like a bit since you’ve last heard from me, as it should. Last week was spring break at The University and I took the week off to begin a rollercoaster ride of several job interviews. Since it’s been a weeks gap… this blog will be a bit longer than the usual.

Oh, I guess I should probably mention what interview I’m talking about. I won’t name the company but it was a pretty cool entry level marketing position where I’d work with technology and communications. There were several job interviews that I had, but this one spoke out to me the most.

I admit, it was a little scary lacing up my newly purchased dress shoes (I had none that were up to par) and recalling how to tie a necktie – I’d grown accustomed to sporting bowties among my fraternal friends. I headed down to Charleston, SC in mid day St. Patrick’s day traffic. For those of you who may not know, traffic in downtown Charleston is always bad — finding parking is even worse. Why this hiring manager chose to reschedule my interview to that Friday was beyond me. Of course by the time I finally found the place my nerves were already a wreck from the heavy traffic and the failed attempt at finding parking that wouldn’t cost me $15.

None the less, I was ready. I’ve fallen in love with the work I’ve done over the years and remembered how much fun I’ve had working with Jackson Creative so far; learning new things and working with medias I’ve never worked with before. Because of what I’ve learned, I’m eager to create, produce, and show my work to the world. The thrill of showing something I’ve created that grabs the audience’s attention and draws them in to further expansion – I find it incredible how multimedia communications can be so influential. Being on the creative side of this is exactly what I’ve come to want to do.

Sure. There are times where I have felt like my work isn’t good enough – some days the “creative train” doesn’t want to run and I’m sitting at a stand still on where to move next for my work. There are times where I’ve wanted to quit, times I have felt like I’ve got no idea what I’m doing… Yet I know that in the end it’s only motivation to continue and get better. It’s a learning process that I can only grow from.

The video’s I’m working on right now have been a lot like that. For instance, I tried getting a video of me flicking on the “On air” sign to illuminate was previously complete darkness. A neat idea in my head … didn’t exactly work out how I wanted.

It’s been a trial and error process for me as I’m learning new styles and learning how to continue the structure and branding that Jackson Creative has already built. There are times in the field where I felt lost… but then I remember Chris telling me to just play with camera…try different things. I’m working a little slower than I’d like to admit … but that comes with learning.

Sometimes it might be difficult, but I absolutely love it.

Until next time,


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