Intern Blog #3: Learning Magic

by Andrew Magness

by Andrew Magnets

As I sit here drinking the mocha I got on the way in today, I look back at my week and see what I did.

I stopped in on the gang and I wrote down what everyone wanted out of the video:

  • Chris wants it to be fast and energetic with a big focus on our video production and show off the many types of videos JGI produces.
  • Mary-Margaret agreed, but doesn’t want us to use interviews (“with the fern in the corner”), and would like it to be a little quirky, just like everyone at JGI!
  • Andrew (Moose) looked from the business side of the video. He wants it to be a showcase of all the work JGI does and have a focus on the team as a whole. He explained that he’d most likely be using it to email prospective clients, so it will be the first thing they see (No Pressure!).
  • Abigail wants it to look professional, but also creative, as we are a creative group, showing our brainstorming sessions and the fact we bounce ideas off each other. We’re a compact group, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do the bigger projects!

This has me leaning more towards the After Effects-heavy video, where I can show off multiple videos in the span of around two minutes, along with showing off that teamwork JGI has. I just need to find music, a template that fits with the vision of the team, or learn how to make something myself.

Which brings me to the other things I’ve been doing this week: Learning After Effects as best I can! Visual Effects are increasingly important to Production houses like JGI. It gives editors and creators more power over the videos they make. I took to the Youtube and watched video after video about using After Effects, and yesterday I made a stupid little 22 second video where I show off my “magic” and in the process I electrocuted myself and blew up my computer.

Again, it’s silly, but I was proud of myself for 3 hours of work! Yes, it takes a lot of time to get it the way you want it, even if it’s only 22 seconds.

I also had an awesome conversation with Chris about the movie Predestination. If you haven’t seen it or heard of it, I recommend you do. It’s an interesting take on the idea of time travel. Chris pointed out the movie flaws it had, but I explained it in a way that he hadn’t considered. I hope that I’ll get to be present for the next Footcandle Films podcast recording and listen to them discuss the next 2 movies they watch.

Anyways, that’s my update for the week! Have a great weekend and stay weird!


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