Intern Blog 2: Back in the Swing of Things

By David Bradham, Jr.

No, mom, I haven’t been making coffee runs everyday. However, I did have a flat tire on the way to work last Friday… correlation with the inauguration? Maybe… Maybe not. On a serious note, so far, this internship has been great.

I really like it here and I can’t wait to get hands on experience on the bigger projects that are to come. I am already learning a lot and getting a feel for the flow of things. I’ve helped the team set up for an interview and even got to be in front of the camera… it’s just me (or my hand, rather) hammering a nail and using a power drill – no biggie – but still fun.

The creative mind can run wild and I often find myself trying to keep up with it. I must admit it has been some time since I have been in the marketing realm of things; talking to people is one of the many things I’m working on.  I’m doing a lot of brainstorming.

Speaking of brainstorming. I’ve had way too much fun drafting up logos and designs for a new show coming to the MESH. I feel a bit like SpongeBob Squarepants yelling ‘I’m ready,” over and over again on his way to the job. Why not? This could be my chance to prove myself.

Oh yeah, I had my first Total Intern Move yesterday; showed up early to a meeting …like… 4 days early. At least you can say I’m enthusiastic? I’ll make sure I mark down the right date for next week’s blog.


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