Intern Blog 11: Final Countdown

Well, I really don’t know what to say. Monday starts my last week as an intern with Jackson Creative. It’s hard to believe that almost 5 months have already gone by. The client video draft was sent off on Wednesday for review which means I’m no longer in rage in spending a large portion of time searching for the almost perfect song. I think we finally got it his time, and I’m proud of that.

I mentioned to a friend earlier on how rewarding it was to cross something off of your to do list. Yet, as rewarding as it may be, this short lived victory only lasts so long. My daily planner has come to my aide time and time again – so as long as I remember to use it – and as one thing is crossed off, another thing is added. There are so many things a soon to graduate senior has to do that my daily block of writing space has spewed over into the next day(s) which is throwing my OCD for a loop. That, on top of applying for a number of jobs, is a bit of luggage to carry on my back.

In school, I’m preparing for a SOURCE presentation that will present on the importance of podcasting in relations to an expanding multimedia world. I am a firm believer that utilizing multimedia to engage customer relations and boost interactions is a key marketing strategy for companies, especially building companies. As media is rapidly changing, as is the way we think. Now we have the opportunity to jump ahead and shape that by utilizing media across a variety of platforms.

As most of you know, I have been producing my own podcast show with a good friend of mine. It’s called ChattermouthTV if you wanted to check it out. Audio is something new for me, so I am pretty proud of how much I have learned.

Now, back to work. The team is working on a behind the scenes video of The MESH, so stay tuned.

Until next time,

– David

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