A Day at the Furniture Market

By Abigail Taylor

One event Mary-Margaret and I always look forward to attending is the High Point Furniture Market. Not only do we love stretching our artistic muscles and producing creative videos for our furniture industry clients, we also love being in the middle of the bustling Market and watching it all happen around us.

wesleyhallstill This season, we went to experience Wesley Hall‘s magnificent showroom, and upon arriving, we once again found ourselves in what I liken to a scene out of The Devil Wears Prada, or a page out of Vogue. Everyone looks their absolute best, and everyone is talking “this season’s” color. It’s Equestrian Orange, by the way. No, Meryl Streep wasn’t there bossing everyone around in her big designer glasses, but we felt as if we were Anne Hathaways, looking from the outside into the beauty and elegance that is, a furniture show floor.

A pretty room of furniture with good lighting is like a little paradise for a videographer. All those lines and colors, details and patterns. The aesthetics are exciting, but emotion comes with furniture too. Because they become things we live our lives on, conduct our business on, hold hands with our first dates on. Stories to capture.

Needless to say… Mary-Margaret and I had a very full day on our High Point Market adventure. We began our day, as we grabbed coffees on the road, asking ourselves, “What might this season’s color be??” and leaving with our own tagline, a la Zoolander(2001)’s Mugatu, “That Orange is so hot right now.”

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